Simple Design Tips For Developers

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Design Tips

Development is hard. Design can be even harder! Here are 5 simple, easy to follow design tips anyone can use.

Use a Framework

CSS frameworks are popular for a reason. They save time, provide consistent styling out of the box, and provide constraints that dev who can't design needs.

Be Resourceful

There are a lot of pre-made themes and components on the internet. Use them as a starting point and customize them to your liking.

Use 1 Font Family

Play it safe and use 1 font family. It is difficult to find good pairings of font familys. You can still use various colors and font weights to mix up your text.

Pick a Personality

Decide what the personality of your site is. Is it creative and fun? Then use border radius to make boxes rounded and choose a vibrant primary color. Serious and business like? Make boxes square and choose a dark primary color

Choose a Color

Pick 1 primary color for your design. It can be used to highlight call to actions and your logo. Use various whites and grays for everything else.